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sliding glass roller and track replacement

Patio Door Hard To Open?

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if your home is more than 10-15 Years old, then it's more than likely time to replace your sliding glass rollers!

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   Once the internal bearings begin to wear out, the wheels tend to stop rolling and begin to skid along the top of the guide track. When that happens, the rollers begin to skip or hop-along as you open and close your door many times a day. Then, the skipping or hopping begins to wear out the base rail creating divots, bumps and grinds down the soft aluminum guide rail. Call Sisco Services today at 602-803-5984 before your track is worn out! Although the rail can be repaired, (in most cases), it will be an additional expense that you can avoid by simply replacing your rollers when you have to use more than 2 fingers to open your sliding glass door. 

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