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Basic electrical work? piece of cake!

Are you looking to update all your switches, receptacles and cover plates? Maybe add an exterior porch light, flood light or motion sensor halogen light? Have a chandelier, pendant lights or recessed can lights in your kitchen? Whatever your needs are, Sisco Services can get you wired up in no time! Electrical work varies so greatly thatsome jobs will come with a hard price and other tasks may be performed at our hourly rate of $60 per hour. Whatever option you choose, Sisco Services will get your job completed with a little less talk and a lot more action! 

So give us a call today at 602-803-5984

We install toilets, faucets and more!

We install all types of toilets and faucets. Typically, the homeowner picks out their style and has that on hand. We will come and provide a professional installation while paying attention to detail. Not all toilets and faucets need to be replaced just because they are leaking or dripping. We do offer complete cartridge, valve stem and toilet rebuilds. Give us a call. 

Basic Toilet or Faucet Install starting at $90

Is your toilet constantly leaking or running?

Sisco Services will do a complete rebuild....

$110 Total (includes rebuild parts)

Toilet Repair and Replacement
Faucet Installation
Electrical Services