Do you have cats that you want to keep inside but you would love to have a pet door for your dog? Sisco Services will install an electronic dog door for you to accommodate your needs. There are several different types of electronic doggie doors available, however we prefer the Pet Safe Smart Door. With the Smart Door, your dog will wear a sensor on his/her collar that will allow the insulated dual pane panel to unlock only for your dog when he/she is standing directly in front of the door. After your dog passes through the dog door, the hard flap will swing back and forth a few times keeping your cat back and away from the motion. When the magnets bring the panel to a stop, (making a vibrating motion that cats do NOT like!) it will then be driven down into a locked position which may not be pushed open without the sensor that your dog wears. As with all of the wall model doggie doors we install, we will not use the flimsy plastic wall kit that is sold by the manufacturer. The kits they sell are sub-par and will not seal up properly. At Sisco Services, we will make our own wall tunnel out of all aluminum rust free sheet metal that will seal up completely and never dry-rot and fall apart. Our wall kit is much better and less than half the price!

  We also install the High-Tech Pet Electronic Door as seen in the picture up top. That has a vertical slide polycarbonate panel that opens as your dog approaches the door. The High-Tech is a smooth operating pet door and seals up nicely when closed, like a window. It also eliminates the need for vinyl flaps that are on a conventional pet door that always get dirty, greasy and discolored from the oils on the dogs back. Call Today for a Professional Install 602-803-5984  

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